Web Development Born in Jackson MS

Custom Website Functionality

Adding custom functionality to your website can improve efficiency and increase engagement with your audience. Contact Forms, SEO reporting, Members only areas, Newsletter signups, and employee admin logins are just a few examples of extending the functionality of your website with custom programming.

Custom Web Applications

One of our specialties at Magnolia Media is custom applications suited to the needs of your particular business. Even in 2020 many companies are still dealing with clumsy spreadsheets to handle their most precious data. Switching the management of your day to day operations to a modern web application enables your employees to focus on accomplishing their tasks more efficiently.

We have built out secure solutions for small business owners to enterprise level systems. Complex financial calculations, asset management, task management, and logistical data tracking are a few examples of ways our software solutions can simplify your operations.

SAAS Development

Sales of SAAS (Software as a Service) is growing exponentially, expected to reach $7.1B by 2021. For industry experts and those with in-depth knowledge of a particular subject, an opportunity exists to take your proprietary solution to market.

Magnolia Media has experience in working with clients to turn these proprietary ideas into finished software applications. From concept to launch, we can help you set up everything you need to turn your idea into an asset capable of creating new revenue for you.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app usage is constantly rising, and having an app for your company shows you are serious about the experience of your customers. Our team develops both iOS and Android mobile apps ready to serve whatever needs your company has.

Magnolia Media can integrate with existing back end data or create a custom back end and database architecture to support your new app. We build anything from simple mobile app versions of your website to fully custom mobile applications.

Custom API Development

These days, no business can afford to be an island. Integrating data between companies extends functionality and enables collaboration. For apps to reach their fullest potential, they need to be able to integrate effortlessly with internal and external systems alike, leveraging as much data and functionality as possible. It’s with this understanding of enterprise technology that we approach our custom API services.

Magnolia Media develops specialized APIs for new and legacy applications. Our APIs facilitate access to application data, functionality and business logic, as well as web services. We create APIs for desktop, mobile, and cloud apps.

We believe in offering upfront pricing for our services in order to simplify the development process. However, if you are interested in a service that is not listed, please use the contact form below to request custom services.

Web Development Pricing

  • Website bug fixes and custom functionality: $75/hour
  • SAAS Development: $75/hour
  • Custom Web App Development: $75/hour
  • Mobile App Development: $75/hour
  • Custom API Development: $75/hour

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