Application Development and Application Design Gallery

Magnolia Media offers custom programming and application development & design solutions for your business or personal use. Our web applications combine sleek intuitive user interface design with powerful programming concepts to create a solution for any challenge you are facing.

Cloud hosting and the use of modern web frameworks mean your users will have the best experience possible with nothing except an internet connection. Take your business on the go, and ditch the outdated spreadsheets. We are providing the best application Development Services in Jackson MS.

Freight Checkers

Freight Checkers is a B2B (business-to-business) ratings platform that enables companies to make informed business decisions based on the experience of others within the industry.


 Logistix is a suite of web tools to increase efficiency for mobile service providers. From inventory and customer management to GPS routing, plus many more features. Magnolia Media built Logistix in 2016.